21 Листопада 2018

Hidden Threats of Illegally Constructed Kerch Bridge

Kerch Bridge which was illegally built by Russian Federation is shifting (the results of the space survey). Such conclusions are made on the basis of the interferometric method of data processing of space images made from temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula and Tuzla Island direction.

In particular, there are several critical sites where displacement processes occur:
1.   In the area of embankment objects have vertical displacements at speed of 89 mm per year (settlement) to 52 mm per year (elevation). (graph in a blue box)
2.   In central part of the bridge – elevation of railway connection arch at speed of up to 30 mm per year; motorway arch sinks at a speed of up to 32 mm per year (a graph in a red box).
3.   In Tuzla island territory, there are two dangerous sites:

First – part of the spit sinks at speed of 10 to 90 mm per year (graph in a blue box)

Second – objects near the bridge sink at speed of up to 83 mm per year (a graph in a red box).

According to experts the detected vertical displacement of arches of illegally constructed Kerch Bridge indicates instability of seabed in tower areas has a negative impact on the Black Sea and carries risks for population. Severe weather conditions especially in winter period in a seismically unstable area can increase destabilizing impact factors on Kerch Bridge stability.