7 Грудня 2018

177,595 People Crossed Administrative Border In November 2018

In November 2018, 177,595 people and 30,761 vehicles crossed the administrative border in Kherson oblast in both directions.

Compared to October, the number of crossings on foot increased by 24.8% and vehicles by 16.5%.

EECP “Chonhar” towards Ukraine 31,064 people and 8,155 vehicles, in the opposite direction40,660 people and 7,870 vehicles;

EECP “Kalanchak” towards Ukraine 47,496 people and 5,031 vehicles, in the opposite direction46,695 people and 4,825 vehicles;

EECP “Chaplynka” towards Ukraine 5,974 people and 2,411 vehicles, in the opposite direction6,106 people and 2,469 vehicles.
Citizens of Ukraine who live in temporarily occupied territories travel to controlled territory to visit families, purchase necessary goods and services, to register documents. Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine is actively working to improve the convenience and speed of crossing EECPs by citizens who, under circumstances beyond their control, live in a temporarily occupied territory.