16 Листопада 2018

“All Efforts of Aggressor State Are Aimed at Weakening Ukrainian Society,” – Minister V. Chernysh to students of Ostroh Academy

On November 16, Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh addressed the students of the National University of Ostroh Academy during the 6th session of the international project “Ostroh Forum: National Security of Ukraine”

During the lecture Minister told students about global security systems, new dimensions of conflict management and Russian Federation special operations of influence:

“International systems of global security, in particular the Charter of the United Nations, have clear provisions and definitions, including the prohibition to start wars. The positions of UN Charter should be respected by all the signatory states. The United Nations is committed to maintaining peace and strengthening international security around the world.

However, over time, understanding of wars and conflicts has changed. The classic war theater with a definite battlefield, military and gunmen transformed, combining military and non-military methods of warfare. Technological development of society changed the dimension of contemporary conflicts and now they are defined as Hybrid warfare – military and non-military methods of warfare. Based on that we can understand that the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine is only part of what is happening in the whole.

We overlook the attempts of Russian Federation to destabilize Ukrainian society, attempts to prevent European integration, attempts to weaken the economy. All efforts of aggressor state are aimed at making our society fragile and weakened. “

The minister spoke about the tactics of “plausible deniability” that the Kremlin uses in Donbas to avoid responsibility and what mechanisms RF uses to influence the policies of other countries:

“In global security theory, which deals with intelligence agencies, the principle when aggressor state uses someone, but denies its actions is called “plausible deniability”.This is the tactics that Russian Federation uses not only in relation to Ukraine, but also in relation to other countries, its idea is that the Kremlin uses third parties to try and pursue a policy of denying its absolute influence on what is happening in Donbas.

There is a so-called “Covert Action Ladder”. It was developed by American scientists. It represents a ladder in which there are two characteristics – the level of violence and the level of. So, propaganda (or information operations) has the most plausible deniability level to influence a target society with a relatively low level of violence. This means that the Kremlin propaganda machine, through its intermediaries, mainly oligarchs and troll factories, has an impact on target audiences and even on society. “
Also, during the visit, Minister spoke to the students and learned about the activities of the National University of Ostroh Academy.