31 Жовтня 2018

In September the Number of Events That Could Destabilize Situation inside the Country Recorded by MTOT Is More Than 420

Ministry for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine (MTOT) analyzed information obtained from open sources on situations that could destabilize Ukrainian society and recorded more than 420 such situations.

The circulation of illicit weapons and its use in resolving disputes and conflicts becomes a dangerous lever in hands of the aggressor state. We remind that in September about 360 cases that involve use, production, storage and distribution of illegal weapons were recorded.

For example, law enforcement officers found a man selling weapons and ammunition in Kherson oblast. The man was arrested when trying to sell three hundred and sixty grams of TNT, five hundred grams of plastid, “RGD-5” grenade and improvised explosive devices.

In Ivano-Frankivsk oblast 42 cartridges of different caliber were found and seized from two residents of Kolomyia. Zoraki MOD 914 gun, 15 cartridges for an assault rifle and 5 for a handgun, and an object externally similar to a rifle and 8 cartridges to it were found and seized from a resident of Kosivshchyna.

In Lviv oblast, on the premises of a 51-year-old man, law enforcement officers found objects similar to Browning System carbines, a pneumatic rifle, “IZH-17” rifle with a sight and silencer, cartridges, knife bayonet  and two TNT blocks.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, rhetoric of violence has been used increasingly. The event in mid-September shook the whole Ukraine: “One of the radical organizations claimed that on September 23 in Lviv, participants of other radical movements provoked a conflict and caused severe knife injuries. As a result of the attack, four participants of the conflict were injured – two young women and two men. One of the injured men suffered a severe head injury and a stab wound.”

Today, Russia successfully identifies and uses domestic problems of Ukraine, based on ideological grounds. Russian Federation has been exploiting the idea of utter violence in Ukraine due to the activity of radical movements for four years. After the release of the announcement of the event in Ukraine, Russian media was full of headlines “Nationalists Arranged Slaughter of Anarchists in Ukraine” (more than 40 thousand results in search engines).

How does the aggressor state work?

Russian Federation uses several mechanisms for identifying tension-causing issues, including open networks monitoring, agency networks, diplomats and recruitment. After that, identified problems are broken down by priority (problems that can cause most harm to Ukrainian society) are grouped to further influence these processes. All these contradictions are artificially stirred up in social networks, shared in special groups, the media (including foreign ones), and thus create problems in Ukrainian society.

According to monitoring, in September, the largest number of cases that could destabilize the situation in Ukrainian society was recorded in Donetsk (12%), Kherson (9%), Rivne (8%), Odesa (7%), and Luhansk (6%) oblasts.

In accordance with the provisions on its activities, MTOT implements measures related to the conflict and vulnerable territories. In addition it has a priority of strengthening the resilience of Ukraine to the challenges that are often artificially created from the outside for its weakening.

Such measures include coordinating efforts to monitor and analyze data, implementing preventive measures for conflict resolution in communities – not only in the east, but all over the country.

Information is prepared by Conflict and Post Conflict Resolution Department