30 Листопада 2018

Militarization of Temporarily Occupied Crimea by Russian Federation Continues

According to the results of satellite images processing about 24 units of fighter planes including sixteen SU-27 aircrafts of different modifications, eight MIG-29 and about 150 units of special automotive and military equipment were found in parking areas of Belbek airfield near Sevastopol.

According to expert estimates, an increase in the number of aircrafts and aircraft storage sites in the military part of the airfield can be used to increase the availability for combat aircrafts, including strategic ones.

Such actions of Russian Federation reaffirm the fact that the occupant state considers the temporarily occupied Crimea solely as another military base, which will keep the entire European continent in suspense.

Militarization of Crimean peninsula leads to irreversible damage to the environment and damage to the civilian population that lives in this territory.

We remind that at the end of April 2018, MTOT reported the construction of an additional runway allegedly for “civilian needs” at Belbek airfield near Sevastopol.

Reference: Belbek airfield is a joint-use airport, where from the 1990s brigade 204 of the Air Forces tactical aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was stationed; as well as civil flights were carried out for passenger transportation. In 2002, airport “Belbek” received international status.

After the annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation in 2014, Belbek airfield serviced exclusively Russian Air Forces and civil flights were not carried out. Instead two air regiments of the Air Forces of Russian Federation were stationed there.