8 Листопада 2018

Minister V. Chernysh: Russian Information Aggression Is a Multidimensional Problem That Requires Consolidation of Entire Democratic Society.

On November 8, 2018, Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh participated in the International Conference “The Hybrid War Decade: Lessons Learned to Move Forward Successfully”, which was held in Kyiv on November 7-8 as part of NATO-Ukraine Planform activities to study the experience of countering a hybrid war.

In his speech during the panel discussion “Information War. Traditional Values as Weapons?” the minister outlined the Kremlin’s logic and consistency in the media, and also illustrated how false and fake messages generated by Kremlin propaganda machine affect the state policy formation in Ukraine.

“Russia’s influence operations conducted in Ukraine are based on a fundamental and systematic research of the main problems of society, general situation in the country, as well as its information space. As a result of the analysis, the messages are created and then shared via TV, troll factories, so-called experts, in order to eventually affect the state policy. Financing of Russia’s influence operations is similar to linear financing of terrorism. Funds used for this purpose are withdrawn from the budget or provided by oligarchs. Such financial mechanisms are used to in order to demonstrate distancing of the state and avoid liability. Such tactics are used by the Russian Federation worldwide”, – said Vadym Chernysh.

The Minister also noted that the Russian Federation is not state that has intelligence agencies, but intelligence agencies that have state. Indeed, in the Russian Federation, such agencies are created to destabilize situation and influence other countries. At the same time, measures are taken to disregard such actions as military ones, so that there is always a possibility to object.


“In RF media space democratic processes and possibility to tackle different issues between different subjects in Ukraine are discussed 50% of time. However, Russian Federation shows democracy as a flaw as opposed to specially created content about internal political system in RF.” Minister noted.

Vadym Chernysh demonstrated an illustration of information movement between Russia and the World:

“Let us divide the common space of action of Russian Federation and Europe by symbolic “membrane”, through which the influence of the West in the form of democratic values, respect for a person, principles of freedom and equality, does not extend to Russia. At the same time Russia itself operates in Europe very actively. This is due to propaganda in the media, as well as political, economic measures, cultural influence – all of this turns Europe into a non-military “battlefield”; a battle for values”

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At the conclusion of his report, Vadym Chernysh stressed the need to consolidate the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities and entire democratic society to confront the information influence of Russian Federation. He stressed that it is important for Ukraine and other countries to define a common strategy and in timely manner, according to international standards, develop relevant announcements for the media.

“Russian information aggression is a multidimensional problem that requires coordinated action by specialists in different areas, working out common approaches and establishing a clear plan”, – said Minister Vadym Chernysh.