22 Жовтня 2018

Number of Illegal Weapons Is Increasing In Ukraine: In September There Were About 360 Cases of Its Use, Manufacturing, Storage and Distribution

The volume of production and distribution of illegal weapons in Ukraine is beginning to grow more rapidly. In September, MTOT recorded about 360 cases where illegal weapons were used. That includes cases of using weapons, manufacture, storage and distribution among population. The numbers of illicit arms flows voiced by some international organizations is about 404,000 pieces *. However, in reality, law enforcement agencies almost daily denounce abusers who keep or distribute weapons. The number of weapons illegally kept by the population since the beginning of armed aggression of Russian federation in the eastern Ukraine has increased.

For example, law enforcement officers found a man selling weapons and ammunition in Kherson oblast. The man was arrested when trying to sell three hundred and sixty grams of TNT, five hundred grams of plastid, “RGD-5” grenade and improvised explosive devices.

In the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, law enforcement officers seized 8 anti-tank rocket launchers RPG-18 and RPG-26, 9 grenades of various types – RGD-5, RGO-3, F-1, Kalashnikov assault rifle, magazines with rounds for it and more than 8,000 5.45 caliber cartridges.

In Vinnytsia oblast the situation is similar – law enforcement officers seized more than 4 thousand cartridges of different caliber from a man in Koziatyn.

In Donetsk oblast, at one of the EECP, law enforcement officers seized F-1 and RGD-5 grenades from a 39-year-old Poltava oblast resident, three magazines with rounds for AK-74 assault rifle, as well as an under-barrel grenade launcher “GP-25”.

In Luhansk oblast, law enforcement officers seized from a taxi passenger 14 unified primers for hand grenades, 3 industrial electrodetonators, 2 bodies of F-1 grenades, a training primer and forty-eight 9 mm cartridges sewn in a bulletproof vest.

In Lviv oblast, on the premises of a 51-year-old man, law enforcement officers found objects similar to Browning System carbines, a pneumatic rifle, “IZH-17” rifle with a sight and silencer, cartridges, knife bayonet  and two TNT blocks.

Another component of illicit arms flows is conversion of traumatic guns to firearms, or building them from improvised materials.

A 51-year-old resident of Ternopil oblast knows how to make weapons from improvised materials. 425 cartridges of different caliber, two items that look like grenades and a hand-made gun for shooting 5.6 mm bullets were seized from him.

 In Ivano-Frankivsk oblast 42 cartridges of different caliber were found and seized from two residents of Kolomyia. Zoraki MOD 914 gun, 15 cartridges for an assault rifle and 5 for a handgun, and an object externally similar to a rifle and 8 cartridges to it were found and seized from a resident of Kosivshchyna.

Violence rhetoric of using weapons became a tool for resolving disputes.

In accordance with the provisions on its activities, MTOT implements measures aimed at preventing conflicts in communities. As part of the implementation of the joint project “Conflict Response and Recovery Pilot and Capacity Building “, representatives of MTOT together with the World Bank team implement a number of sub-projects on psycho-physiological rehabilitation and overcoming post-traumatic syndrome. In addition, MTOT is working on developing a mechanism for strengthening the resilience of communities throughout Ukraine, as well as identifying and implementing preventive measures for conflict resolution in communities – not only in the east, but all over the country.


* Information is taken from Small Arms Survey’s annual reports