13 Листопада 2018

Russian Federation Blocks Access to Potentially Dangerous Warehouses on the Border Between Ukraine and Moldova Where More Than 20,000 Tons of Ammunition Are Stored – V. Chernysh

Vadym Chernysh in an interview with a prominent Moldovan media, told about Ukraine’s support of the Republic of Moldova on the international arena, and the ignoring by the Russian Federation of international decisions to resolve the conflict in Prydnistrovia:

“Ukraine supports all international legal instruments concerning Prydnistrovia conflict resolution; that is the decision of 1999 OSCE Istanbul Summit and the UN General Assembly resolutions, the last of 22.06.2018 was prepared in co-authorship with Ukraine, etc., however, such decisions are very often not implemented by Russian Federation. We believe that such documents are important for the peace process and reintegration of population of uncontrolled territories of Moldova. Military contingent of Russian Federation concentrated in the Black Sea region (military bases in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea), Moldovan Prydnistrovia and Eastern Ukraine is a serious threat to the stable development of our countries”, – says Vadym Chernysh.

The Minister also spoke about the international security importance of ammunition warehouses in Kolbasna village and their potential danger for Ukraine and Moldova:

“Ammunition warehouses in Kolbasna village in uncontrolled Prydnistrovia are a threat to both Moldova and Ukraine, since the settlement is located basically on the border between Ukraine and Moldova, and the presence of Russian military forces only exacerbates tension and danger.

We know that there are about 20,000 tons of ammunition for various purposes in strategic ammunition warehouses in Kolbasna: from small arms to rockets for multiple rocket launchers.

However, a potentially dangerous object on Ukrainian border remains without supervision of international observers since 2000s. What is the situation with the warehouses is not known at this time.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to get answers to the questions: is security monitoring carried out, or was inventory of explosives carried out (in order to understand if they were used somewhere). This information is required FOR ALL PARTIES, which are obliged to support the negotiation process on Prydnistrovia and peaceful resolution of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine,” said the Minister.



For you reference. Since the late 1980s, when Soviet troops were withdrawn from Eastern Europe, a significant amount of ammunition was taken to 1411 ammunition warehouse in the village of Kolbasna in the Prydnistrovia region of Moldova on the border with Ukraine, where the 14th Army was stationed.

At the beginning of the 1990s, there were 43,500 tons of ammunition in the warehouses. After the dissolution of USSR, the 14th Army went under the jurisdiction of Russian Federation. From 2000 to 2004, about half of the stock was removed from the warehouses or destroyed at site. According to available information there are about 20,000 tons of ammunition in the warehouses – from small arms, mines to rockets for multiple rocket launchers. Some of this ammunition is already expired.