10 Жовтня 2018

Russian Federation Destroys Crimean Vineyards of Sudak Valley – Results of Satellite Survey

Russian Federation occupation authorities’ actions in temporarily occupied territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol endanger the existence of wine-making sector on Crimean peninsula.

According to the results of special processing of data from open sources and satellite images, decline of viticulture and destruction of vineyards in Sudak Valley (Sudak area, temporarily occupied territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea) was revealed.

As of 2012 Sudak Valley vineyards area was 743.9 ha. After annexation of Crimean peninsula, the area of vineyards dropped sharply by 46% and is now 397.8 ha.

 The reasons for reducing the area of vineyards are:

  • reforestation of vineyards -17.4 ha;
  • abandoned areas (not cultivated) – 17.6 ha;
  • vineyards uprooted – 59.4 ha;
  • thinning out (number of vines was reduced) – 251.7 ha;

One of the main factors in deterioration of the situation is the illegal actions of occupation authorities in Crimea, in particular: illegal alienation of land, infrastructure and roads construction in vineyards, poor control of land management by occupation authorities.

It should also be noted that there is disappointing dynamics in the amount of fruit-bearing vineyards in Autonomous Republic of Crimea during the occupation of the peninsula by Russia. As of 01.01.2013 their area was 20.5 thousand ha, and in 2017 – 14.1 thousand ha, which is 30% less.

Of a particular concern is the decline of productivity from 56 to 35.4 centners per hectare.

The actions of Russian Federation in this context indicate aggressor state is not interested in development of Crimea with its natural potential and such irresponsibility leads to permanent damage to environment and civilian population living in this territory.

Previously MTOT reported the devastating consequences of the construction of Alushta-Simferopol-Dzhankoy highway in Alushta Valley which resulted in 46 ha of vineyards being uprooted.