3 Грудня 2018

Sea Vessel Accidents Caused by Russian Federation Blockages of Kerch Strait Recorded In the Black and Azov Seas

Since November 25, hundreds of ships were waiting for permits to pass through the Kerch Strait, both in the direction of the Black Sea and in the direction of the Sea of Azov, as previously reported by MTOT. The ships stayed put, forming clusters, causing a number of accidents.

Thus, according to international naval monitoring systems, on November 30, freighter LADY MARIA (Republic of Togo), during maneuvering near the Kerch Strait, was damaged because the ship’s propeller got tangled in the anchor chain of another cargo vessel, AZOV CONCORD (Republic of Malta). Both ships were on the way to the ports of the Sea of Azov.
On December 1, at the exit of the Sea of Azov near the Kerch Strait, PAL 3 tugboat (Russian Federation) lost control of SHILAYNYAY barge, which had a load of about 4,000 tons of wheat, the barge gottorn off and ran aground near Cape Kamiane. The captain of the tug for tried to set a ship afloat several hours, but attempts proved useless.

By creating massive accumulation of vessels in the Kerch Strait, Russian Federation posed a serious threat to navigation safety. Such actions of Russian Federation are a grave violation of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, according to which Russia is responsible for the safe navigation of ships.

Combined with numerous disconnections of AIS encouraged by Russian Federation, the examples above demonstrate once again how Russian Federation is disregarding international law and creates dangers to navigation in the Black and Azov Seas.