9 Листопада 2018

“SIEMENS” Gas Turbines Caused an Accident in Temporarily Occupied Crimea Again

This time, production workshops of Tavricheska (Simferopol) TPP, located near the city of Simferopol, were damaged.

On November 03, 2018, a section with the signs of thermal damage was discovered on the roof of the main building of Tavricheska TPP (see the photo). An accident at the site was recorded using satellite images.

Таврійська ТЕС

At the thermal power plant, where SIEMENS gas turbines, that were delivered to the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea bypassing international sanctions, are installed the commissioning works were carried out, which could cause an accident.

As known, Tavricheska TPP has to work on natural gas. The for construction site is near Simferopol distribution station, which is intended to supply electricity in the direction of southern coast of Crimea and Sevastopol.

2 land plots with a total area of 61.6 hectares were allocated for the thermal power plant construction. Total capacity of 2 power units of the Tavricheska TPP will be 470 MW. Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation ordered the construction of TPP. The first stage of the project was planned to be put in operation in 2017, the second – in2018. On October 1, 2018, the first power unit with a capacity of 235 MW was planned to be launched in order to adjust technological cycle.

The construction of Tavricheska TPP is carried out by Tekhnopromeksport of a Russian state-owned corporation “Rostech”, which is under Ukrainian and international sanctions.

As MTOT previously reported, the same company carries out the construction of Balaklava TPP, where a similar accident happened at the end of August in one of the premises where SIEMENS gas turbines were installed.