5 Грудня 2018

V. Chernysh: Any Civilized Country Must Adhere to the Rules of Geneva Conventions, Including Russia, which is State Party

The Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons Vadym Chernysh in the program “Ekho Ukrainy” on TVC “Priamyi” spoke about the most urgent issues of foreign and domestic policy concerning occupied territories (by Russian Federation).

In his interview, Vadym Chernysh spoke about the situation with blockages by the Russian Federation of the Kerch Strait and explained the reasons for the formation of ship clusters and accidents at sea.

The construction of illegally built Kerch Bridge complicates Passing of vessels. And, you know, there was a case when a Turkish cargo ship crashed into one of the pillars.

Now Kerch Bridge is a strategic object for Russia, in which billions of dollars are invested. First, there is military equipment along the whole bridge: detectors, so that nobody gets close not by water nor by air. That is, this object is guarded extremely well by the Russian Armed Forces and special units: under the water, above the water, with appropriate anti-aircraft defense complexes on dutyThese processes do not just happen.
V. Chernysh stressed that any civilized state should adhere to the norms of the Geneva Conventions, including Russia which is a party to this convention. Failure to comply with international law may have criminal consequences.
The Minister also spoke about the provision of humanitarian assistance by international humanitarian organizations in the occupied Donbas.

“One of the priority directions is humanitarian assistance. This is serious funds, this is so-called humanitarian diplomacy. All food products, clothes come in agreement with the government of Ukraine only through certain international partners. For example, the UN, or the International Committee of the Red Cross.

International organizations organize special convoy. These goods are all labeled. That is, humanitarian assistance from international organizations or governments of partner countries is delivered by predetermined international organizations that have a world-recognized reputation. And when they provide assistance, it is targeted. It means they distribute it themselves without transferring it to so-called occupation administrations.”

In addition, Minister Vadym Chernysh spoke about the situation in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

“The work of occupation administrations is carried out under the strict control of officials of Russia. Yes, in business only 2-3 entities are allowed to earn money. The same entities are involved in managing the economy in these territories and dictate the population how to live.
That is, fear, influence through deprivation of employment or other type of income. And, of course, terror and denunciations from neighbors. That is in what kind of society – militaristic, autocratic, in fact repressive – people live there”.