2 Грудня 2018

V. Chernysh: Russia Seeks to Ruin Existing Political Alliances

Minister for Temporarily Occupation Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh, on Channel 5 program “Why NATO?”. Spoke about the threats faced by Ukraine in the hybrid war and the key tools used by Russian Federation to destabilize Ukrainian society.

Vadym Chernysh noted that Russian Federation is spending a lot of resources to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and create a “fragility situation”. For this purpose, not only the funds of the state budget of Russian Federation, but also the means of oligarchs close to the authorities are used:

“Russia spends a lot of money on the military component, but even more money goes to support non-military methods of warfare. For example, in Russian Federation, the Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo” has been established, which has its own network all over the world, and at the same time it is seriously financed – and often not from the state budget of Russia. There are a number of close-to-power Russian oligarchic structures that receive the corresponding “tasks” aimed at destabilizing and split society. Such oligarchs – “satellites” of the state – essentially carry out tasks set by the authorities of Russian Federation, they create private military companies, factory trolls and everything else that can be used to achieve certain interests”

“All RF actions are planned, projected and implemented in order to weaken the state. When a country is weakened by the influence of various factors, it is possible that a small amount of military force can capture it. In theory, this is called “the situation of fragility” and if it is created, any state becomes easy prey. This is such a subtle game where Russian Federation combines military and non-military force in order to influence the state and make it abandon civilizational choice”

V. Chernysh stressed that NATO was a major threat to Russia and that Russian Federation was seeking to destroy the existing political alliances.

Also, the Minister spoke about the tools used by Russian Federation to conduct a hybrid war in the information field:

“Information dominance exists in Russia, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union. For conducting a hybrid war in the information space of the RF uses three subsystems. The first is when using state television or state-affiliated bodies. The second – when someone does something supposedly belonging to the state, but at any time can refute his position.

The third – when everything is done through secret information operations, such as the use of a troll factory. Just these three mechanisms are always used in a combination”