15 Листопада 2018

V. Chernysh Spoke about Main Methods Russian Federation Can Use to Influence the Elections in Ukraine

On November 15, the Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh addressed the students of the National University of “Ostroh Academy” in the framework of the 6th session of the international project “Ostroh Forum” on current issues of national security.

The minister commented on what mechanisms of influence on elections in Ukraine could be used by Russian Federation:

“Currently, we see three components of interference in the electoral process. The first is the interference in electoral system. There is a register of voters, and every person who can vote is in it. Based on this register, lists of voters are prepared. Having access to the register can significantly distort the result, or even destroy the register a few days before the vote. It is extremely important to protect the electoral infrastructure technically.

The second is a large number of phishing sites, attempts to hack into e‑mails of various political players in order to access classified information. And in the future, use the information received in order to artificially create a conflict between political players, reveal incriminating evidence, using their channels of information dissemination. Thus causing a “war of all against all” and a general chaos.

The third is the use of cyberspace. Trolls that start discussions in social networks which are not typical for Ukrainian users, for example, regarding federalization. For example: there are fake online reports that a well-known international expert supported the idea of federalization and that it is the only way to save Ukraine. For the most part such reports end saying that it is necessary to change the administration to the one that is beneficial for Russia, to change the policies of the government, etc. Therefore, we must develop mechanisms to face such challenges, consolidate society and act professionally, understanding all these subtleties and mechanisms used by Russian Federation,” stressed the Minister.