4 Вересня 2018

Вадим Черниш про ситуацію з кримським “Титаном”: державі-агресору байдужі люди та екологічне становище (+English)

Vadym Chernysh on Situation with “Crimean Titan”: Aggressor State Is Indifferent to People and Ecological Situation

Minister for Temporarily Occupation Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine (MTOT) Vadym Chernysh in the interview to Interfax Ukraine spoke about the situation regarding chemical plant production of titanium dioxide – a branch of Titanium Investments Ltd. in the city of Armyansk

The minister said that people who live near the administrative border with Crimea are in no danger:

“There already was a meeting of the commission for technogenic safety and emergencies in Kherson region. The Commission does not see any excess of indicators. This means that there is nothing that threatens people or that they should be removed or evacuated”

In the territory under control of Ukraine, the water, soil and air samples were taken closest to the occupied peninsula by the relevant services. It takes some time before all the necessary analyzes are thoroughly completed, after that the public will be informed.

Vadym Chernish said that one of the substances found was sulfur dioxide, but the presence of such a substance in the air is dangerous only at certain concentrations.

“State Border Guard Service have gas analyzers which have shown that such a substance was really in the air, but the maximum permissible concentrations in Kherson oblast were not exceeded,” the Minister said.

At the same time, the Minister noted that Ukraine objectively has no access to all information on the situation in occupied territory, but all signs suggest that the occupation authorities of the peninsula hid from the population real indicators:

“When it comes, on the one hand, to safety of people, and on the other hand, to a possibility of obtaining super profit, aggressor state is absolutely indifferent to people, although RF says it wants to take care of them. At the same time, the occupation authorities hide all the information, do not react for a week, and then say that there are no threats, at the same time offer to improve people’s health in sanatoriums”

Vadym Chernysh stressed that the exploitation of the enterprise and the admission to such exploitation lies solely with the management of the enterprise and the occupation authorities:

“In 2016 Crimean Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case against this enterprise, in particular because of violations of environmental legislation and failures of dealing with waste problem”

In addition, the Minister said that the prosecutor’s office will continue the investigation, taking into account all the new facts related to the “Crimean Titan”, and also noted that Ukraine intends to appeal to international organizations in connection with the situation.