12 Листопада 2018

“We Must Exchange Experience and Join Efforts In Order to Develop Common Mechanisms of Counteraction to Complex Approaches Used by Russian Federation in Our Countries,” – Vadym Chernysh

Minister Vadym Chernysh met with Vice Prime Minister for Reintegration Cristina Lesnic during a working visit to the Republic of Moldova. Within the framework of the meeting, the sides discussed the directions of cooperation and identified the steps for their implementation.

“In fact, both Moldova and Ukraine have a common problem; therefore, we fully support you. So, last week, on the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we issued a statement regarding non-recognition of illegal elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts”, – stressed Ms. Lesnic.

Also, Cristina Lesnic spoke about the decisions of the ECHR, which established the high level of dependence of Prydnistrovia on Russian support.

Within the framework of the meeting, the sides discussed mechanisms for maintaining contacts with citizens living in uncontrolled territory of Moldova and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, organization of entry-exit checkpoints work, as well as the access of international humanitarian organizations to the occupied territories.

Minister Vadym Chernysh outlined the achievements of Ukraine in providing humanitarian assistance to the population living on both sides of the contact line:

“Currently, Ukraine has access to citizens living in occupied territories only through international humanitarian organizations. We simplified the order of crossing of humanitarian cargoes to the occupied territories as much as possible. It concerns medications, food products, building materials and chemicals for water purification. We are consolidating all efforts to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the occupied territories, because we must protect the lives of the civilian population”, – said Vadym Chernysh.

“It’s very important for the Ukrainian side to share our expertise, but at the same time, we would like to hear as much as possible from the Moldovan side, because only friends share important information. We see common approaches, common personnel of Russian Federation dealing with destabilization of situation in both Moldova and Ukraine. I believe that we all need to discuss common challenges that we face, and to develop new mechanisms for reintegration of our citizens into a single constitutional space,” the Minister said.

During the meeting, the Moldovan side familiarized the Ukrainian delegation with work of the Joint Control Commission and working groups  which deal with socio-economic, legal, humanitarian and other issues.

Also during the visit Vadym Chernysh met with the Minister of Defense of Moldova Eugen Sturza.

“Ukraine and Moldova should exchange their experience and join efforts to work out the mechanisms of counteraction to hybrid methods of conflict, which are used by Russian Federation in our countries. When we hear the phrase: “Peace no matter what” pro-Russian forces in Ukraine pick it up and spread it in the media. But for us it means “REINTEGRATION OF POPULATION AND OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, STABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT”, and for Russian Federation it means “truce and frozen conflict. At the moment, we are studying modern experience of different countries to develop our own mechanism of counteraction to RF operation on destabilization of Ukrainian society. We record all kinds of manipulations (show of strength) that RF executes: military exercises near the border or even the contact line in Ukraine and in Moldova” – stressed Vadym Chernysh.

For his part, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza said:

“Moldova has some findings which we could share, so that Ukraine could use our experience and avoid mistakes”